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The Agnes Mongan Center
Harvard University Art Museums
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1994
7,000 Square Feet

Description: The Agnes Mongan Center is home for the Harvard Art Museums' collections and curators of works on paper. It was created by expanding and renovating the Naumburg Wing of the original Fogg Museum. Prior to 1994, works on paper were stored and curated in disparate corners of the museum, without climate control or room for expanding collections. The cramped, separated quarters made it difficult for curators, students, and scholars to teach, undertake research or prepare exhibitions. The new design integrates collections, curators, dedicated study and seminar rooms, and a gallery into a cohesive whole. In fact, the Mongan Center has become a model for other study centers at Harvard and beyond.

The program required that the Museum's teaching and research programs be enhanced while also providing safe and protective storage environments for delicate collections. All art storage is now rationalized in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities with capacity to add over 60,000 new works, while a specially designed cold archive vault provides a suitable environment for color photographs.

Museum website: Agnes Mongan Center

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