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Broadway.com / Theatre Direct International
Theater Direct International
New York City, NY, 2008


When Theatre Direct International moved to Times Square, SAA was hired to design their new headquarters. The company sought a formal setting, suitable for introducing new show rosters to their clients, as well as a pleasant, stimulating work environment. In particular, TDI was eager to consolidate their various departments and administrative offices, which had been scattered and remote in their previous building.

Accordingly, we designed the new spaces for maximum integration of the various functions, while maintaining departmental privacy and identity. Zones were separated by communal passages and gathering areas (such as conference rooms), allowing the mostly open space to provide for any number of daily business needs. An unencumbered walkway around the perimeter gave general access to windows on the street, and gathered separate departments into an organized whole.

This sense of unity was enhanced with a restrained but distinctive color pallet, refined lighting, and custom millwork. In total, three separate workstations were created, taking into consideration security, privacy, work surface, and acoustics. Given that the offices included a call center, aural concerns were paramount, and so, in addition to custom ceiling panels, acoustic fabrics were incorporated into our designs.

Ultimately, Theatre Direct International improved their internal communications and efficiency within a spry, productive atmosphere. The new offices were so much more cohesive that, after the move, many acquaintances from the previous building were pleased to discover that they were actually working for the same company.

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