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Richard Frankel Productions

New York, New York, 1997
10,000 Square Feet

Description: Richard Frankel Productions is one of the most prominent production companies in American Theatre (Hairspray, The Producers, The Sound of Music). The company deals with a multitude of diverse projects at a time, including international theatrical runs and concert tours. One of our priorities in designing their headquarters was to integrate the temporary show-specific operations into the overall company structure; this would make sharing common resources more efficient among departments, as well as improve communication amongst them.

After studying the building's structural grid, we re-organized the available space so that every department received more working area. Each department now features three discrete, hierarchically ordered workstations, plus a shared space for support staff. Low walls in each bay facilitate communication within a team, while higher walls between teams allow them to work independently without being removed from each other. This modular approach was designed so that the space could accommodate productions of different sizes.

The project is notable for its speed and economy. The entire process from design start to construction finish, took only seven months. Furthermore, our judicious use of materials helped us to contain costs, despite such features as cherry trim and cabinetry, sandblasted glass doors and sidelights, and Venetian plaster walls.

Company website: Richard Frankel Productions

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