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Los Angeles, California , 2001
20,000 Square Feet

Description: This entertainment web design and venture capital firm, is located on the 19th floor of a building in Westwood. The client asked for an open, flexible work environment where the variety of staff groups could interact in a coherent whole, with vestigial spaces for formal and informal meetings. The building offered floor-to-ceiling exteriors, with impressive 300-ft. long views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica mountains.

The design strategy takes full advantage of the visual drama by positing a perimeter "promenade" with intimate spaces for personal reflection and one-on-one conversations. City views, staff areas, circulation, and communal seating are carefully balanced along this rhythmic walk. The occupant feels expansiveness as well as a strong sense of location. The work-station patterns provide a "filtering" effect, where boundaries between groups are blurred, multiple communication options opened, and the sense of whole is increased.

The potential oppression of low slab height is cleverly ameliorated; one senses the subtle spray of suspended aluminum ceiling panels as a lighter, higher canopy. This sea of reflective scales, whose varying angles refract light according to viewpoint and time of day, also provides a visual "moire effect."

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