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Conservation Department, MoMA
New York, New York, 2004
9,000 Square Feet

Description: The design of the MoMA Conservation Department addresses specific requirements for each of the labs (painting; sculpture; paper/photograph; and conservation science) and provides for offices and a departmental library and conference room.

Since the area available for the department increased only modestly compared to the volume of art to be displayed and treated, versatile spaces suited for a wide variety of treatments/tasks had to be devised. The scheme provides ample North light and utmost flexibility of space and furniture for all examination and treatment areas. While some specialized functions: workshop, darkroom, and sculpture shower require unique rooms, others: photo-documentation, x-radiography, and spray-lacquering are consolidated into a single large room detailed to accommodate all three despite their particular technical requirements.

Storage for art, tools, equipment, treatment files, and supplies is ample and accessible but unobtrusive. Reliable systems to exhaust varying amounts of organize solvents without disrupting the strict steadiness of temperature and relative humidity are provided for each of the labs. Treatment tables, storage tabourets, and other custom furniture are tailored for each of the labs. The MoMA Conservation Department was constructed concurrently with the recent MoMA Expansion.

Museum website: MoMA Conservation Department

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