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Museums and Libraries
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, 2006
26,000 Square Feet
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Allen Memorial Art Museum
Oberlin College
Oberlin , Ohio, USA
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Art Museums of Colonial Willamsburg, Expansion
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Williamsburg, Virginia
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Conservation Department, MoMA
New York, New York, 2004
9,000 Square Feet
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HUL Administration, OIS & Weissman Preservation Center
Harvard University Library

Cambridge, MA, 2006
24,000 Square Feet
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The Agnes Mongan Center
Harvard University Art Museums
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1994
7,000 Square Feet
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Thaw Conservation Center
The Morgan Library

New York, New York, 2002
5,600 Square Feet
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Straus Center for Conservation
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1996
11,000 Square Feet
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Conservation Studio
Whitney Museum of American Art

New York, New York, 2006
360 Square Feet
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